Gamewank Finale/Metacrisis ENDGAME

Gamewank Finale/Metacrisis ENDGAME

“At the end of the multiverse lies the beginning of pomposity!”

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This is our last episode for a while, and it’s a big one! We hope you like it, a lot of work and love went into it. In this episode we review Dragon Age and New Super Mario Bros, discuss Eurogamer, Bayonetta, Heavy Rain and the recent flurry of press attention garnered by the games industry. Oh, and save the universe. Sort of.

We would like to thank:

Owen and Alex  – for giving us their time and voices and helping us with rewrites and EVERYTHING. You guys are amazing.

Krystal – for all the pimping & whip cracking! Also, that wee bit of voice acting and the kind words/advice you’re always giving us.

Danny Eccles – For your musical talents, filthy lyrics and general awesomeness.

Everyone who listens – you make it all worthwhile and we love you. Thanks everyone!!!

And lastly, our partners Rachel and Fiona, for putting up with all the time we spent locked away in our rooms.

We will be back next year – can’t wait!

- Jim and Ric